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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Traveling in Life...

    This summer has been an interesting one. I have gotten the opportunity, due to my sonís work benefits, to travel standby on trips to Iceland and Arizona. Sometimes, I was able to get on board and everything went smoothly. Other times I got bumped from a flight and had to either wait or make other plans. One attendant reminded me that flying standby can create much anxiety, but the price is right.

    The experiences have reminded me that everything comes with pros and cons and that there are trade-offs that need to be weighed in making many decisions in life. If I fly standby, I can fly for a minimum fee or for free (depending on flight). But I donít know until the last few minutes as to whether there will be an empty seat that I can have. One must always ask, ďIs it worth the anxiety?Ē Of course, I was also made aware that, even with a paid ticket in hand, flights might be cancelled, and plans changed.

    Life is not unlike traveling. As we learn in math, there are constants and there are variables. The constants are those things that we control, mainly what we say, what we do and how we live. The variables are those things which affect us but are not entirely within our ability to control. They may include such things as: waiting for another to give us a ride somewhere, sitting in a doctorís office waiting for an appointment, going to the grocery store with a detailed list in hand and not knowing whether all the items will be available or not.

    Our current, cultural climate has reminded us that there are often more variables than we prefer. Covid, and all the ensuing conversations, discussions, and policies, remind us that things are always changing. As much as we may desire or wish for something to happen, things donít always go our way. It can, often, create anxiety as well as an urge to be more controlling, trying to shape and influence things in a way that can be more palatable if not comfortable. I have found that being flexible and learning to adapt can be a wonderful gift but, even so, there needs to be limits.

    Throughout the past several months, as well as ongoing circumstances currently in the news, I am reminded that life is an ongoing journey. Sometimes, like flying standby, things go well and other times, you are put on hold and are forced to wait or renegotiate the original plans. As humans we tend to like stability over uncertainty and control over chaos. Yet, experiences remind us that, ultimately, God is in control. And as much as technology and consumerism give us choice, there will always be limits that will impact those choices, external circumstances or happenings that remind us that we are not gods.

    In college, during orientation to being a resident assistant, a couple dozen of us were gathered in a lounge with some food items and some cooking gear. We were told that we were going on a trip and we could take whatever items that we so desired from the boxes in front of us. But, whatever we took, we would have to carry. As well, we could travel light but there would be less options for any meals we would prepare. Eventually, we were transported by vans to a wilderness location where we were given a map and a compass and told that we had to get from point A to point B. In the process, it was interesting to see who was going to lead and who preferred to be a follower. Those who led had more control in decision making but they also had greater responsibility. Those who chose to follow had less responsibility but also less control. There were trade-offs made, whether done intentionally or unconsciously.

    Life is a journey. We may have a list of things that we want in life, but circumstances have a way of making us revise that list many times over. There are constants and there are variables. There are things that go well and there are things that rub us the wrong way. Yet, as Christians, we must realize that our plans, the plans of ďmice and menĒ as the quote goes, is less important than the plan of God.

    During the crucibles of life are we learning to trust God in greater ways to help us navigate the variables? Or are we digging in our heels and demanding that we get everything our way? No doubt the ever-changing times in which we live seem to bring more variables our way. Yet, at the same time, these variables are opportunities to lean more on the grace of God. We need to be reminded, often, that we donít travel alone or purely at our individual pleasure. We are followers of Christ and the way in which we travel is as important as the destination.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott