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Sundays, 10am

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Aug. 2nd

Red Cross Blood Drive

Aug 8th

By appointment

Food Pantry

Aug 12th & 26th

Call 517-646-6183
Call 2 days ahead

Campers, Cars & Crafts

Aug 13th


Combined Worship @ Mt. Hope
Sun Aug 28th

Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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  • Pastor Scott

    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Enjoying Summer Months...

    Summer is upon us, with higher temperatures than usual. The two window air conditioners at our house had to be installed quickly one day when I noticed the cats looked that they were melting into the floor. My wife, Julie, didn’t look much better even though she had arranged a couple of fans in strategic places.

    We enjoy getting warmer temperatures where we can get outside and be more active. Yet, when it gets too hot, we find ourselves seeking shelter in air-conditioning comfort. I know everyone has their own preferences, but I tend to like the high 70’s with a slight cool breeze.

    While we look for certain temperatures to our liking, they are beyond our control. And as my meteorologist nephew reminds me, he can forecast probable conditions but even he does not control the weather. It will be what it will be, and we learn to adjust our lives, accordingly, depending on rain or shine, highs or low.

    What we can control, though, is what we do with our time. And summer months are those where we are given an opportunity to break out of our normal rhythms and take some time off or go on vacation. Changing one’s routine can allow one to, not only get some rest and relaxations but gain a new perspective on life and its challenges as well. I heard once that a gravesite was simply a rut with the ends taken out. Indeed, if we stay in our “ruts” long enough we can’t see the full picture of what is going on around us.

    Several years ago, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Later in the same week that she was given the news, she and I, along with others, were in an introductory consultation with a health navigator. And, within the next few weeks and months, there was chemotherapy, hair loss, radiation and the accompanying feelings of up and down. We were fortunate that she was diagnosed in the early stages and her treatments were minimal to what others have gone through. This part of the journey lasted from March through July. It was not a summer beginning that we ever wanted to see again.

    But…we had planned a trip to the Southwest, to visit family and see some sites. And, as the major treatments ended, we gratefully looked to the opportunity to get away and just enjoy the moments. What a wonderful trip it was!

    We flew into Albuquerque, NM and rented a car. We headed north and spent the night in Las Vegas…no not Nevada…Las Vegas, NM. The next day we made it to Canon City, CO visiting my mother and some other family members. While there, we visited the Royal Gorge Bridge, a spectacular tourist attraction which spans a canyon through which the Arkansas River flows. It is about 1,000 feet above the river…a fact that I know well as I worked there for a few years back in the 80’s.

    Our next stop was to Durango for a night and then, to Mesa Verde National Park where we explored the sheltered alcoves of the canyon walls. This had been the home of the Ancestral Pueblo people that, later, migrated to different locations in the southwest. While they left no written records, archaeologists have found them “adept at building, artistic in their crafts and skillful at making a living in a difficult land.” (Mesa Verde National Park website)

    We then headed through Four Corners, where you can stand on the circle that puts you in four states at one time (NM, CO, UT & AZ). As we entered Arizona, we took time to visit the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest, where the natural beauty in this remote area is breathtaking. And, of course, we made a day to tour the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, noting it’s majestic panorama.

    We headed south through the red rock formations of Sedona, AZ on our way to Prescott and eventually Phoenix where my brother resides. We enjoyed a few days there, before winding our way through the White Mountains, and connecting with a college friend who lives in Snowflake, AZ. The next leg of the trip took us through the Zuni reservation in NM and visiting my high school friends who live in Ramah, NM. Finally, we ended up in Albuquerque again, to spend a couple of days and then fly home.

    I don’t know if I will ever have such a wonderful vacation again. It wasn’t just that we saw so many sights but, rather, that we had so much free outdoor time together…especially after a difficult few months. I hope that you have some getaway this summer. There are many things that we do not control. But we can take time away from the normal routines and spend precious moments with those we love.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott