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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Getting Involved in Community...

    In the aftermath of our annual Memorial Day observance in Dimondale, it has me reflecting in deeper ways. First, I am grateful for so many that planned, participated and became involved in so many ways. Along with the beautiful weather, it turned out to be an ideal day. And the efforts of several individuals, planning for months, came together in a wonderful way.

    The memorable ceremony, with the raising of the flag, the recognition of Grand Marshal Murray Marsh’s service, the remembrance of the fallen service members, and the words about Memorial Day were an apt observance of the day. The participation by those of the VFW and 40 et 8, along with many others, added to the service, allowing for those in attendance to reflect in proper ways.

    Yet, if we were to move forward in our lives and leave the memory of the day to photos, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and our community. Any community-wide event does not just happen. It takes the effort of people committed to the project, communicating and working together to address many logistics. And, of course, volunteer hours and energy must be intentionally offered.

    Giving of ourselves, whether to one of the armed forces or to a myriad of other community and service efforts, is a necessity of our common life. In a world, often seen through the lenses and transactions of consumerism, we need to find ways to connect in our humanity. We need relationship above and beyond day to day business and formal transactions. And one of the ways to create relational bonds is to work alongside others for the common good or a desired community effort.

    Collaborative community efforts happened, perhaps, a little better in years past when the world was smaller and there was less mobility. Today, with so many choices and opportunities available to us, it is easy to approach a given holiday and simply select from the calendar menu what is most fun, enjoyable or preferred. Yet, that would reduce the day to consumer terms and demean the larger meaning and symbolism. What underlies, and gives value to, any observed holiday is the community efforts which bring meaning to life in real and tangible ways.

    I guess, in simple terms, in a day of Facebook where many “experts” share their daily wisdom about what should or shouldn’t be happening in our community, I would pray that we learn to move away from the digital screen more and get involved with our neighbor in making the community a better place. It is not easy and sometimes can feel uncomfortable. Yet, efforts made with good intentions and open, honest communication can bear good fruit.

    I remember watching a loved one, in his later years, who began to scream at television news he disliked in very vocal ways. More than once, I suggested he turn off what he could not change and go into the community to assist at a food pantry, a shelter or other worthwhile organization. There are many worthy causes that can use our volunteer efforts. And why waste energy in arenas that we have no real influence. Such misplaced energy does not help us or our community.

    I would invite each reader to join me and others, using our energy and efforts, in positive, tangible ways, to make our community better. Margaret Mead, noted anthropologist once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” May we take these words to heart, not simply on holiday weekends but every day. May we be more thoughtful in our commitments. And as individuals and as a community, may we find new ways to make our village a little better place by getting involved, sharing of our time and energy, and investing in our future together.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott