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Food Pantry

Jan. 14th & 28th

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Sunday, Jan. 23rd


Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Growing into a New Year...

    Each New Year brings its hopes and expectations for the coming months. Many focus on letting go of bad habits and creating new habits that will help them to be healthier. The desire is that the coming year will be better than last year, and life will have many more positives than negatives.

    When I think about my own life, I usually think of things that I can address in small and manageable ways. If I attempt something too big or unrealistic, it is probably not going to happen. As well, if I can bring a new habit in line with some other thing that I am already doing, it keeps my daily rhythm from being changed in major ways. One year, as I walked around the inside of the church to get in my daily exercise steps, I began to touch every table, chair, and pew as I walked past, praying that whoever would sit there might know God’s presence and love. I created a route that led me in and out of every room so that prayer would be done in each part of the building. This new habit did not take any extra time and made my walking feel much more productive.

    Most of our church members and friends have taken a survey this past month which was designed to give us some self-awareness of what we do well and what we might need to address. The desire is to give us a little focus on where we might grow as a church in healthier ways. Spiritual growth, like physical health, takes intentional efforts. Hopefully, that process will be finished up soon and, by the end of January, we will have some results to discuss.

    What are things in the past that you have done to become healthier physically? Mentally? Spiritually? What has worked well? What hasn’t worked so well? Our efforts can be a mix of successes and failures but, if we regularly assess our efforts, hopefully the successes outweigh the failures.

    Another good way to focus on growth in the New Year, is to find one or more persons to commit to doing things together. If I want to exercise early in the morning, it is easier to get out of bed and go do it if I have committed to exercising with another. Sharing the routine makes it seem less of a burden and less boring. If I don’t have to meet someone else, it is too easy to sleep in or skip the exercise for that day.

    The same is true of growing spiritually. We can agree to read the same devotions as another person and then share our insights. We can meet with others for prayer or for study. Such collaboration with others, not only can keep us accountable but, can also bring new insight to our learning and growth.

    Whatever old habits you want to lose and new habits you may wish to gain, make sure you find rhythms and processes that allow you to maintain your forward progress. Usually, a slower but steady progress over the long term is more beneficial than efforts to make big changes quickly. If things are too hard, we are tempted to stop and not continue. If we make them too easy, growth will not take place. Healthy growth requires the right amount of effort.

    May you find new ways of healthy growth in your life in the New Year…physically, mentally, and spiritually. And, together, may we grow in our churches and in our communities in more positive ways.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott