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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Change and Community...

    My preaching professor said that most preachers only have one sermon; they just preach it in a hundred different ways. I think the two topics that often come up in my preaching and writings have been “change” and “community.” I think these themes came about due to circumstances in my lifetime.

    Indeed, with the shift from the industrial age to that of the computer, change has multiplied exponentially. Change has always been a part of life and I, like other individuals, have always adapted…not always willingly. But, as change has sped up tremendously, it has not left much, if any, time to adapt. In reaction, many have just stopped even trying to adapt. I can understand why. No one likes the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much change. I find myself reflecting on how one can best adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Or, as I once heard, can I learn to surf the change?

    Community has always been a passion of mine because I am relational. I enjoy people. I enjoy getting to hear their stories. Through the relationships that are formed and built, it allows me to learn and grow. Everyone that I meet has a potential to enrich my life if I am open and willing to receive from them. Yet, in the midst of societal change, as well as a focus on individual consumerism, it is harder to find real, authentic community. Not heeding President John Kennedy’s famous advice, most people don’t want to know what they can do for their country; they want to know what their country can do for them.

    Indeed, the lack of interest in community is one of the significant changes that has come about over the years. I am reminded of the book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community by Robert Putnam. Putnam has researched and written about how many have become disconnected from family, friend and neighbors. He notes that more people are bowling but rarely in leagues. There has been the loss of people doing things together whether it is bowling, joining organizations or being a member of a church. People, who have bought into being consumers, seem to value effortless transactions over working at meaningful relationships.

    I enjoy being involved in community or team efforts. I will even assert that it is community which will allow us to weather and adapt to the changes that the future inevitably holds. Without a real sense of community for stability and security, individuals tend to flounder. Without a larger purpose in life, it is easy to lose our rootedness and our way. Committing to a group, not only creates a network of relationships and resources, it also allows one to grow socially and emotionally. Participating in community creates an environment for building one’s character and deepening one’s integrity.

    Throughout our lives, we have opportunity to be involved in various communities to address specific needs or desires. These may include neighborhood organizations, school or work groups, sports activities, or performing groups. One might also become involved in civic or church-oriented interests. There are many places where one can be engaged. But being engaged with others is important to every individual.

    Yes, there will be changes in your life if you commit to a new group or organization. Yes, it will take effort on your part. But, intentionally moving out of one’s comfort zone, to learn and grow, provides mutual benefits to the group and its participants. Committing a portion of your life to others allows for physical, mental and spiritual growth. And further, when the changes of life seem overwhelming, relationships you have built can help sustain and carry you through.

    Change is inevitable. Especially, if you want to grow. And community, intentional relationships with others for a common good or interest, is necessary for a healthy life. So…don’t avoid change or relationships. Learn to navigate them for your own growth and to leave the world a better place than the way you found it.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott