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*We have begun meeting in-person again for worship and other activities but safety protocols remain in place.

Check with office or group leader if you think there may be changes.


This includes health screening, temperature checks, masks and distancing. Prayerfully, things will shift with less restrictions as data allows.


Sundays, 10am

In-Person & Facebook Live

Food Pantry Drive Through

May 14 & 28

Call 517-646-6183
Call 2 days ahead

Boy Scout Pig Roast

May 31

11am-2pm $10.
Drive Thru

Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    May Flowers...

    Most are familiar with the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” It reminds us that, even though there are rainy seasons in life, a variety of things help provide nourishment for what is to come… the season of flowers. Indeed, in Michigan we experience all the seasons, and the temperature can change quickly from one day to the next. But, as the snows disappear and the temperatures start to rise, we are grateful for the wonderful displays of flowers that start off the growing season.

    This year, the elements of moisture and sunshine worked in a way that brought us many April flowers and trees beginning to bud. These signs of spring and new life were affirmed by some cardinals and blue jays that started to hang out in a tree outside our living room window. Another sign of spring was the sound of lawnmowers. The grass has greened quickly, and many lawn companies have jumped into action. Amid all the sights, sounds and activities, the warming days pull us outside where we can enjoy basking in the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

    A couple of weeks ago, I started weeding the flower beds. There is still more to be done before I put down a new layer of mulch. I am reminded that nature is not going to wait for me and, if I am not paying attention, it will get ahead of me. Indeed, if I am going to have a nice flower bed, it takes some work beyond the rain and the sun. While I know I will enjoy the beauty that is provided, I do not relish the continual care and weeding that is required.

    Flowers can remind us of much in our lives. We go through different seasons that can feel like fall, winter, spring, and summer. We need to have various conditions to happen for growth to occur in our lives. There are areas that need to be weeded and cared for, along with nurturing and caring. And, as much as I say that I don’t like the weeding part, that is the portion that usually needs the most attention from me.

    Just as we need to be concerned about what we do or do not put into our minds and bodies, we need to be aware as to what we feed our spirit. We need to recognize and seek those things which are healthy and, as well, we need to know what is unhealthy and needs to be avoided. Experiences shows us that bad habits are hard to give up and a good way to address them is to find good habits to replace them. The more one can engage in healthy spiritual practices and habits, the less room there is for the unhealthy.

    This spring we are eager to break free from winter’s grip but, also, seeking to leave a year of Covid, unrest and difficulties behind. Not only are there individual and family concerns that we all deal with but there are also communal ones. What are ways that we can nurture growth in healthy ways, individually and corporately?

    For me, I continue to realize the distinction between what I control and what I do not. I only have power over my own habits and choices. As much as I might have some influence over others, I have no power to make them change. Indeed, real change in our lives must be motivated from an inner desire. Any book on spiritual or emotional health will note that the real journey of growth must start with inner reflection, understanding who we are and what we are called to be and do with our lives.

    My father said to my siblings and I that we should always leave things as good or a little better than when we found them. Over the years, it has made me think, “Are my speech and actions making things better or worse?” I also seek input from trusted friends and confidantes to help hold me accountable, recognizing that sometimes I have blinders to those things that I am too passionate about. How can I make sure that my life is like a refreshing rain that helps others to bloom and not some violent storm or flood that tears them down? Even those things I post on my social media, are they helpful or hurtful?

    We live in a very polarized world. There is much venom spewed by a variety of individuals and groups. But ultimately, if we want to see the world a better place, flowering with beautiful life, are we doing our part? May God allow us to find ways to bring perennial beauty to those around us and for the long haul.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott