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Jan. 1st

OPEN HOUSE for Pastor Scott & Julie

Jan. 1st



Sundays, 10am

In-Person & Facebook Live


Jan. 6th & 7th


Food/Personal Needs Pantry

Jan. 13th & 27th

Call 517-646-6183
Call 2 days ahead

Congregational Meeting & Potluck

Jan. 15th

After worship

Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Looking into a New Year...

    Well, the New Year is upon us again. Although, as most of you know, it is a bittersweet time. I will be retiring with my last day being Sunday, January 15th. Julie and I have enjoyed our 10 ½ years here in Dimondale, being a part of the church and the community. And, yet, we are eager to start this new chapter called retirement.

    We will soon be closing on a new house being built in anticipation of our move to South Carolina. While it has been a little colder than usual in the southeast, we are looking forward to warmer weather and less shoveling of snow. And, as I joked with someone, we should be able to take less Vitamin D, as we are hoping to be outside more and enjoying the beauty of nature where we will be living.

    Our preparations and ongoing tasks for this transition have been keeping us busy. While we have lists drawn up with our “ideal” plans, things have a way of changing. Nonetheless, we know we must keep plodding away day to day…keeping one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow. The discipline of staying on top of things has been stressful at times but what lies ahead pulls us forward with hope. We continue to look for the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” when the busy work is done, and we can begin to set a new routine with new choices and rhythms of life. Or, as I often say, “I can sleep later in the morning and answer the phone less.”

    It is easy these days to avoid new things and new challenges. As much as we all like to make New Year’s resolutions and plans for healthier living, settling back into our normal defaults can seem more comfortable. For Julie and I, the physical move will keep us from falling into regular routines since so much of our life in our new surroundings will be different from where we live to new friends, to where we shop, etc. Yet, we know that God will provide for us in this new chapter as God has provided throughout all of life. We do, though, need to stay focused on where God is leading us and remain faithful in our spiritual journey.

    The same is true for the church. Things will be different. There will be various preachers in the pulpit for a couple of months as Presbytery assists the Session in looking at what is next. There will be different ways of doing things in the interim as elders take on different responsibilities to make sure things are addressed…from Sunday worship to pastor care to maintaining connection to all the groups that use the church building. Hopefully, others will step up to assist elders in helpful ways.

    I am reminded that spiritual growth, like physical growth, requires intentional efforts. It does not “just happen.” And, whether we like it or not, it happens in the way we respond to change in life. Do we close ourselves in for protection like a turtle might? Or do we begin to look with new eyes for new opportunities and possibilities? As is true in any new routine or spiritual rhythm of life, there is always tension as to where one falls back into what is safe/comfortable and pushing forward to seeing new, healthier growth.

    Health, whether mental, physical, spiritual, can be defined as the inner strength being able to cope with and overcome anything external that may push against us. A good example can be noted when an individual goes to rehabilitation after surgery. The physical therapists do not encourage laying in bed all day. There is a rigorous daily schedule of exercise to get one back to health, hopefully building up more strength. One does not want to overdo but one can not be idle either. The right amount of tension allows for strength and health.

    In this New Year, a transitional year for the church, what are ways that might help you to step outside the “normal/status quo” box and grow in trusting God? Are there disciplines that might be helpful for allowing you to be a healthier you? Are there new habits that you can work toward that would help you to be closer in your walk with God? Where do you think God may be calling you and the church to journey in this New Year?

    There may not be lots of things you can do about many of the things going on in the world around you but your walk with God is totally up to you. And a closer walk with God sets us up for whatever may be around the corner of the next chapter of life. We cannot always dictate future events in our life, but we can live it fully and faithfully as children of God. Blessings on this New Year and the new possibilities of where God can lead! It does not need to happen quickly all at once…just one step and one day at a time…trusting that God will provide.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott