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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Looking at New Life...

    Whether one is still celebrating the Easter message, planting a garden or enjoying the wonders of Spring, new life is a wonder to behold. I am reminded, as I get older, regardless of how bad things may get at times, that the sun comes up every morning and spring comes around each year. This great ecosystem of earth that we live on is beautifully and wonderfully made. Perhaps, we need to find ways to be less wrapped up in technology and more connected with the natural rhythms of life.

    I am often reminded of Matthew 6, where Jesus tells the disciples not to worry but to look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. This is just one of many places where creation is mentioned in a teaching of Jesus. The natural order, as found in creation, is the handiwork of God and allows us to see Godís wonderful design. It is so easy to get caught up in the glass panes of our telephones, televisions and computers and miss what is outside though the windows of our homes. Yet, Jesus often points us to creation.

    Each spring, I still marvel at the first steps of the daffodils that start protruding through the crust of the earth even before I begin thinking it is warm enough to take off my coat. It is still cold outside, as if winter is trying to maintain its hold, but new life is happening, and you begin to see the possibilities of what will be growing in a few weeks.

    A few years ago, Julie and I were visiting southern Colorado. I took her to a park, where I once worked, to explore the area in the aftermath of a major fire. Everything was still black and charred, even the road signs. But, amidst the barren blackness of the southwestern landscape we spotted little, tiny splashes of green beginning to poke through. We had to pull over the car and take a picture. Amidst the large canvas of black, we were drawn in by this little possibility of life as if it were the phoenix arising from the ashes.

    Perhaps, the early Native Americans were able to soak in the majesty and wonder of creation as they sought to sustain their families and their way of life. I doubt that they got distracted from the basics by the many superficial choices that we often get caught up in today in our culture. Perhaps, early explorers were overwhelmed by the immensity of what they saw as they moved into new and unexplored territories. I doubt that they took anything for granted and, instead, beheld the vast immenseness of creation with respect. But, today, it appears we have gotten so caught up in the work of our hands, itís as if we have forgotten the work of the Master Creator.

    Spring, Godís Easter message to all humanity, reminds me that, before I even get out of bed in the morning, life is already active and moving without my help. I have the choice each day to find my place within the large design of life as I understand it. Or I can get caught up in myself and my ego, and think the world revolves around me.

    When my father was still alive, we often got in heated discussions about climate change and humanís impact on it. He believed that God was so in control that no humans would be able to upset the grand design. I believed that as our sin, or poor choices, affect other human beings, why would it not as well affect other living things? Letís face it, humans have a way of messing things up and making poor choices. We finally agreed that it was less important to disagree as to how much we have or havenít affected our earth, and spend time being better stewards of what God has given us. Indeed, God is not the author of fear, confusion and chaos. God has created the divine order so that new life, with all its possibilities, might abound.

    So, regardless of whether you are an Easter believing Christian or not, whether you believe in human made causes of climate change or not, and whether you are left or right in your thinkingÖbe a person that looks to bring new life wherever you are. There is enough brokenness and evil in the world. As humans, we should not add to the confusion and tearing down of life but, rather, seek to affirm new life in any and every way we can. I canít speak for you, but I would prefer to be seen as a small breath of green in the world than a vast landscape of burnt out devastation.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott