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Sundays, 10am

In-Person & Facebook Live

Food Pantry Drive Through

June 10 & 24

Call 517-646-6183
Call 2 days ahead

Red Cross Blood Drive

June 14

appt. required

Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Appreciating and Improving the Environment...

    Every Spring I try out my green thumb. Over the years I have planted tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. The last few years I have attempted to do some flower gardening. I have learned much about where to plant for the optimum amount of sun, preparing the soil and watering. Some years I do better at these things than others. And, of course, there is the never-ending job of weeding. If only my plants grew as easily and effortlessly as the weeds!

    It may take me a few weeks to get the initial tasks done, doing a little here and a little there. I, then, take time to enjoy my handiwork. Every night or early morning, when the flowers need a good watering, I appreciate the mystery and beauty of how they grow and how they provide some color to the surroundings.

    Indeed, there is wonderful joy at nurturing new life, be it plants or those around us. It has helped me understand a principle of life. You cannot make things grow. That is God’s job. But one can help in preparing a safe and healthy environment.

    As I have grown older, and hopefully wiser, I have realized that what is true of plants is true of human beings. We need to make sure we have a good environment. That we are planted in an area where we can be nurtured in healthy ways. And, yes, we have to do some weeding, learning to let go of the bad habits so there is room for good ones.

    My role as a pastor has taught me that I need to focus as much on the environment as I do the individuals that are within my care. I cannot make anyone grow. I cannot “fix” anyone. I cannot make anyone change. But I can work, in my own life and that of the church, to provide a safe environment for them to grow. I can, along with others, work to improve the environment in which we all live.

    I have thought a lot lately about the importance of our environment…both the natural and human ones. How can we appreciate those environments that allow us to be safe, nurture and grow in healthy ways? How can we make sure that, as we go about our lives, we are improving the environments in which we live and leaving them a little better for those who come after us?

    Whether one attends school, works at an office or a factory, shops regularly in certain stores or spends time on social media, we all live our lives in specific contexts or environments. Our villages, our towns and our country all have laws, policies, and structures to address our environments. But, as we know, while we can be quick to criticize what we do not like, most environments, especially big ones, cannot be improved over night. Long-term, positive, and healthy change takes time. And the larger the size of an environment, the more people it takes to shift things toward the better.

    The summer for me is a time to get a new perspective on my life, my work, and the environments within which I live. I know I can’t do everything but what are those things I can do improve my daily and weekly routine? First, is there some weeding in my life that would allow for more health and productivity? Are there some new habits that I can incorporate into my life that will be nurturing and fruitful? How can I make sure that I am focusing on my own health and well-being in a way that will allow me to be the most helpful in improving the environments that I reside? As the weather permits, I try to be more pro-active in my health, getting outside and doing those things which can keep me fit, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    Lastly, we do not live in isolation. We live among others in this journey of life and faith. Find ways to appreciate those environments that have been healthy and positive in your life. And make time to be a positive influence, improving the environment of those whom you come in contact.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott