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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Ready for Summer...

    It is mid-May as I sit down to write this article. I have a busy weekend ahead and then next week will be spent planning for Memorial Day. The week is one of buying supplies for our annual chicken barbeque, making sure there are enough individuals to help in various capacities, and working out any necessary logistics to make sure all goes smoothly. As well, I must finish the preparations for the service at the cemetery where we will honor those veterans who gave of their time and their lives for our country. (By the time you read this, Memorial Day will already have come and gone.)

    It is a busy time. Yet, it is also a wonderful time for us to celebrate within our local community. We are all very busy in our daily lives, so it is nice to shift from our normal routine and come together. Community events remind us about our common values, hopes and dreams.

    Other things are on the horizon in our village as well. Our Farmers’ Market opens on Thursday, June 7th. Open every Thursday, it is a great gathering place to shop with local vendors, hear some local musicians, and connect with friends and neighbors. The Dimondale Business Association sponsors the Classic Oldsmobile car show on Friday, June 15th from 6-9pm. There will be lots of free fun and music, and all the local restaurants will be open for those who need a little sustenance. The following day, Saturday, June 16th, the Masonic Lodge is sponsoring a Motorcycle gathering. All donations go to charity. Going into July, there is A Grand Celebration which is at the Danforth Island Park. This event promotes the Grand River and will run from Noon to 2pm on the 28th.

    The summer life, especially here in Dimondale, doesn’t really need any special events for one to enjoy. Simply walking or biking around the village is done by many. One can also spend time at the park or along the river. And, of course, on those warm summer evenings, there is nothing better than stopping for one’s favorite ice cream.

    Summer months should be a time for slowing down a bit or, at least, changing up one’s daily rhythms. Many plant gardens…vegetables, flowers or both. Others have to-do lists of fixing up one part of the house or another, or finding a new color of paint for a certain room. As well, there are times for getting away, visiting family and friends or taking a vacation to a favorite spot. Getting away allows one to get a different perspective on life.

    Indeed, there is a biblical understanding of Sabbath, a time to rest and worship God. The point is to regularly take time to be reminded of God’s provision and to grow in gratitude. We should do this weekly but, it is good to set aside larger chunks of time, periodically, to reflect on the fullness of life and faith. Too often, especially in today’s culture, it is easy to get caught up in thinking that the whole world revolves upon what we do with our own hands. We focus more and more on “me” or “us” rather than on God. When we lose our perspective, as to who God is and what God does, then we tend to erroneously elevate our own importance.

    Yes, we need to be involved and participating in the world around us. We should be active in making a difference in the world. Yet, any activity that we do should be out of a grateful response to God, rather than emanating from any works righteousness.

    So…take time this summer to recognize all that God has done in your life and in all of creation. Take time to rest and worship. You don’t have to earn God’s love. You simply can receive and appreciate it. Take time this summer to rest in God’s love!

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott