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    From the Pastor

    Rev. Scott Crane

    Valentine’s Day and the Great Commandment…

    When I was in elementary school, February was the month that our classroom was decorated for Valentine’s Day. Cupids and hearts were put up on the walls and surrounded the room. Each student decorated a shoe box or something similar, with a little slot in the top for card deposits.

    In the lower grades, you pretty much gave a valentine to everyone. And, if you wanted to impress the other students, your valentine cards had little sweet treats attached to them. Older students were instructed to do cards for all but if someone special caught your eye then their card might be a little more significant.

    Through my high school years and beyond, I have learned more about cards, flowers, chocolates and little gifts. There are many ways in which one can express love. Some people might do a special dinner night out with a movie while others may do something more formal. Some share their affection in traditional ways while others enjoy surprises and spontaneity. But, whatever one chooses, it is about this thing called love.

    The Bible teaches the Great Commandment, that one should love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love neighbor as one’s self. This love is not about sharing gifts, trinkets or romantic thoughts. It is about treating with respect and showing concern for God and for others.

    What if we could find ways to share only good, caring things about all people during the month of February? What if we could give up saying any bad things about others for this short month of 28 days? Perhaps, this could be a grand experiment in changing the world around us.

    I know that there are things that upset us, even passionately. And there are times when I get upset at things others do. Yet, I also realize my response is completely up to me. I don’t need to allow others to control my feelings. I don’t need to add to the conversations or media that bash others.

    Most people, I think, would like a little more love and compassion in our world. We want others to change but, ultimately, the only one we can change is ourselves. Is it possible to be a change agent, even if just a small one, in our world? What are ways that we might experiment in this next month or beyond in becoming a more loving person?

    My wife, Julie, is good at sending cards to folk, whether for a birthday, anniversary or needing a little encouragement. I hear, from many of them, how her cards are uplifting and, often, come at just the needed time. I know of a gentleman who is good at giving others a helping hand. Once, he took another upstate to visit an old friend who he had not seen for some time. The visit was not only meaningful but quite timely. I saw another person, recently, who was thankful for someone plowing the sidewalk in front of her home.

    The list of ways that we can show compassion to others is endless. Being nice to others, not only makes their lives better but, helps us to be better people. It helps us to grow in character. It keeps our hearts from becoming hardened.

    So…whether you are a Valentine’s enthusiast or wanting to do better at following the Great Commandment, find ways to become more loving. Find ways to be a leaven of love in a world that is, often, filled with hate and violence. Choose little, spontaneous ways of caring for others and see how your attitude changes.

    Remember, the Bible says to love. It is not, simply, a commandment because God likes to force rules on us. Love helps us to become more whom we were created to be. Love helps us to hold relationships together. “Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.” (I Corinthians 13:13)

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Scott