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*We are meeting in-person for worship and other activities but certain safety protocols remain in place.

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Jan. 1st

OPEN HOUSE for Pastor Scott & Julie

Jan. 1st



Sundays, 10am

In-Person & Facebook Live


Jan. 6th & 7th


Food/Personal Needs Pantry

Jan. 13th & 27th

Call 517-646-6183
Call 2 days ahead

Congregational Meeting & Potluck

Jan. 15th

After worship

Knitting,Crocheting,etc.for Homeless

Every Monday

3:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday & Wednesday


Men's Dining Out

1st Wed of month

various restaurants


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  • Mission Work

    Through gifts, offerings and the grace of God, First Presbyterian Church of Dimondale reaches out in many directions to help those less fortunate and those in need.  This is some of the many projects the church is involved in locally and around the world.

    Caring Fund

    There is a special fund in our budget for emergency aid to people in need.  We have in the past helped with travel expenses for stranded motorists, made one time utility or rent payments and provided other help to those who call our church in need.  On Communion Sundays, members are asked to make contributions to this fund, using the special green envelopes in the bulletins or in the pew racks.  To make a donation directly to this fund at other times, just note your intention on the comment line of your check or attach a note with your special gift.  The notes or the green envelopes will help insure your giving account is properly credited for tax purposes.  On Communion Sundays, we also still receive your 2 cents a meal offerings to be used to fight hunger.

    The Outreach Team thanks those for their generous support of the Caring Fund.  Your tithes and donations have made it possible for us to help others when emergencies occur.

    Cents-Ability (Two Cents a Meal)

    Have you ever noticed the fishbowl in the sanctuary or narthex with pennies in the bottom?  This is displayed on Communion Sundays to receive offerings to the “Cents-Ability” mission giving program.  Cents-Ability was originated in 1972 as “Two Cents a Meal” by Presbyterian Women to involve individuals and families in a corporate response to world hunger.

    Cents-Ability is a small first step in the battle against hunger and poverty.  We invite each family to collect 2 cents per person at each meal.  This simple act is an expression of thanks to God for what we have received.  It is also a commitment to share with others in response to Jesus’ command, “You give them something to eat.”  When you bring your offering to the fishbowl on Communion Sundays, all of these coins will “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” as they are received and dedicated.

    These small acts of faithfulness add up to benefit local hunger ministries as well as the national and international projects of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  That’s a lot of pennies!  There are collection cans in the Great Room so you can add your 2 cents worth to this program. Change is normally collected on each Communion Sunday during worship.

    Dimondale Community Pantries

    Due to increased request and the need for more holistic support for those requring assistance, we morphed our food pantry into an ecumenical venture with Dimondale United Church.

    Please call 517-646-6183 or 517-646-0641 and leave your name and phone number and volunteer will return your call within 48 hours to discuss your needs, pick up times, and location. Pick up your food at First Presbyterian Church and personal needs at Dimondale United Methodist Church on either the 2nd or 4th Friday of each month from 10am - Noon. We can dispense a week's worth of items once a month per household.

    Holiday Fruit Plates

    During the Christmas Holidays, our church puts together fruit plates for seniors in Windsor Township, the Dimondale Nursing Care Center and local Adult Foster Care Homes.  Additionally several area families usually receive food boxes at Christmas.  This holiday project is made possible through the church, the Dimondale Lions Club and others.

    One Great Hour of Sharing

    For mare than fifty years, Presbyterians have joined with Christians throughout the nation in supporting One Great Hour of Sharing, responding to Christ’s love for all people by joyfully sharing that love with people in need.  The refugee and the stranger have found food and safe shelter; those stunned by the aftermath of disasters have found relief and help rebuilding; and communities seeking to take control of their future have found partners in development.  Presbyterians’ gifts support the work of the Presbyterian Committee for the Self Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  The hundreds of millions of dollars Presbyterians have given over the last half century have enabled a powerful witness to the love of the One who came that all might have life more abundantly.

    When you ask someone about the miracles of Jesus, probably the one most people think of first is the feeding of the multitude, “the miracle of the loaves and fishes.”  The story offers us this simple but powerful truth:  When we offer what we have, God uses our gifts in ways far beyond what we could have imagined.  This is a message that resounds particularly in One Great Hour of Sharing.  A small change in our lifestyle can mean a gift that when multiplied by millions of other givers can enable transformations that none of us could have predicted.

    SIREN/Eaton Shelter

    Within our local area the Outreach Team and members of our congregation have worked with this homeless and domestic violence organization, collecting clothing, household items and money to aid those fighting this terrible battle.  Additional information regarding this organization can be found on our Links of Interest page or at the SIREN web site.

    Spartan Food Barcodes, Campbell Soup Labels and Box top for Education Collection

    Our church collects Spartan food labels and redeems them for cash to support our church programming.  Only the bar code portion of the label is needed.  We also collect Campbell soup product labels and Box tops For Education coupons which are donated to a local community school.  Place these in the container in the Great Room.

    Winter Heating

    A concern that has been discussed by the Outreach Team and other members of the congregation is the potential needs of members of our congregation and residents of our own community this winter in the face of rising heating and gas costs.  Please consider giving to the Caring Fund to those in need.  Consider tithing (10%) of what your normal utility bill, gas bill, etc. is during the winter months so we can build up this fund and prepare for emergencies.  Envelopes are available in the pews.  Prayerfully consider how God has blessed you and how you can use your gifts to help others.